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6 Generative AI Tools To Consider For Marketing And Sales
Search Customer Experience, Monday, September 11,2023
Generative AI tools can write marketing content, score leads and personalize sales emails. Explore six generative AI tools for marketing and sales, such as Jasper and Flick.

ChatGPT's 2022 launch created an influx of marketing-focused AI products.

The marketing industry has been one of the fastest-growing adopters of generative AI tools. Marketing and sales teams can use these tools to automate business processes, such as lead scoring, marketing optimization and sales coaching. These tools can also personalize outreach and create dynamic website content and marketing collateral.

SHARE Sales teams today are in a period of transitioning. They are used to selling horizontally, targeting IT departments and emphasizing product features and benefits. However, their role is rapidly evolving due to transformative shifts in the technology industry, changing buyer behaviors, the emergence of diverse personas, and an increasing demand for a value-based and outcome-oriented approach.

In this dynamic landscape, having a robust sales enablement strategy and leveraging effective sales enablement tools becomes paramount in ensuring that sales teams are equipped with the necessary strategies, tools, and insights to navigate this transformation seamlessly.

As sales professionals adapt to this evolving landscape, a comprehensive sales enablement strategy and the right sales enablement tools, become a practical guide, steering them towards success.

5 Email Marketing Challenges And Their Solutions
Search Customer Experience, Wednesday, September 13,2023
Most organizations primarily use email to connect with customers. Yet, marketers often struggle with engagement due to spam filters and crowded inboxes.

Email remains an effective marketing channel, but organizations must find ways to stand out from the crowd and offer relevant, personalized content if they want their campaigns to succeed.

At HubSpot's Inbound 2023 conference in Boston, speakers highlighted ways for marketers to improve their email marketing strategies. While email marketing can help organizations build brand awareness and customer connections, common challenges, like spam filters and a highly competitive landscape, can prevent emails from reaching target audiences.

Marketers should know common email marketing challenges and how to overcome them so they can increase open rates and engagement.

Your B2B Leads Are Going To Waste
TechCrunch, Friday, September 15,2023
Right now there are possibly thousands upon thousands of leads sitting in your customer relationship management (CRM) tool and collecting dust.

This is the reality for many business-to-business (B2B) startups as they focus on the next set of shiny leads that come through the pipeline.

Your B2B leads will go to waste unless you begin to create lapsed buckets and develop a strategy to attack them head-on. At my own startup, we leave no stone unturned and make sure that each lead that comes through the pipeline, even if it arrived 300 days prior, is still being contacted.

It's possible to accomplish this goal, even with limited resources, by having automations and a complete strategy in place.

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