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Un-Gating Your Content In The Age Of Content Saturation
Heinz Marketing, Saturday, May 20,2023
May 20, 2023,
Volume 302, Issue 3

You've spent months developing a content strategy and weeks laboring over a piece of content that you have deemed 'high value'. Conventional inbound marketing tells you that you need to create a landing page for this content and gate that content behind a form that leads will need to fill to view and download your content.

You expect that the kinds of leads who are willing to fill out your form to download your content must be well-qualified fits for you to pursue and further target, but instead you start receiving fake emails like 'nonya@biz.com'

Why aren't these leads converting? Why are they unwilling to give you accurate contact information despite downloading your content? Doesn't downloading your content symbolize some kind of intent or interest?

Well - not necessarily!

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