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Growth. Gains. Synergy. Low hanging fruit. Expansion. Market share. Development. Value add. Did we miss any other business buzzwords?

Last we checked, these phrases are a dime a dozen and have little meaning without a strategy behind them. What is growth if you have no destination nor a path to get there?

This sentiment is true for most teams, but especially your sales team. If there is no goal, the efforts of your team may seem Sisyphean. With no way to track success or progress, sales performance and motivation may lag.

As with any team, having goals provides direction, motivation, and even a little healthy competition (and we all know sales folks can be a bit competitive!).

A new report shows that by 2025, 75% of B2B sales organizations will augment their efforts with selling guided by artificial intelligence (AI)

Many sales leaders are being driven to invest in AI, including machine learning (ML), to analyze data and the recommend next best actions, due to pressure created by the massive amounts of data available and 'revitalized budgets,' according to the market research firm Gartner last month.

Sales training will evolve to include more critical-thinking skills, particularly in data literacy.

Sales playbooks should clearly define how to use AI tools in daily sales activities, Gartner said.

Sales leaders must make the right investments in sales technology if they want to help their sales teams win in 2022

The right sales tech stack can improve sales productivity and broaden rep participation by:

  • Automating administrative tasks for sellers and managers.
  • Collecting valuable customer and seller data.
  • Providing real-time coaching and recommendations.

But there are myriad sales tech solutions in the market. This leads to considerable buyer confusion and fatigue, making identifying the best sales tech a daunting endeavor. Sales leaders should identify the right sales tech investments by taking four simple steps:...

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