The Two Pillars Of Successful Annual Sales Planning
Forrester, October 7th, 2021
October 7, 2021,
Volume 283, Issue 1

Sales leaders and sales operations leaders have a lot at stake in annual sales planning: setting achievable targets, motivating the sales force, deploying optimum sales and territory coverage, and ensuring a cohesive buyer and customer experience

"And while the planning process is always a challenge, it's even more difficult in 2022 given the halted recovery, changing buyer expectations, and the pivot to digital selling.

Many factors go into effective annual sales planning, but there are two fundamental elements that are critical - now more than ever. They are the use of data-driven insights to drive greater precision in our selling motions and close alignment across revenue engine leaders. How sales organizations address these elements will make the difference between planning for executional success or frustration and failure.

Forrester's best-practice research goes into depth in these two areas. Here are highlights with some takeaways to apply to your 2022 planning efforts..."

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