6 Reasons Why Chatbots Are The Future Of Marketing
Business 2 Community, September 8th, 2021
September 8, 2021,
Volume 282, Issue 2

The business world has changed in several ways in recent years. Marketing is one of the aspects that has changed a lot

"Going from traditional off-line to online marketing, it has become digitized like most things in the world. You can now interact with businesses one-on-one through chatbots. Needless to say, bots are becoming more popular every day. Many companies are using them for different functions. Some have more than one chatbot handling their customers.

In addition to sales and customer service, marketers have started to adopt chatbots for many reasons. The main one is because customers demand so. Customers want channels that are accessible, simple, and fast. Chatbots have all these characteristics. That makes them a top priority for marketers today..."

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