Sales Navigator: It's Not Only For Active Prospecting
Business 2 Community, July 12th, 2021
July 12, 2021,
Volume 280, Issue 2

When people think of Sales Navigator, they think of prospecting

"While active prospecting is the main reason sales teams implement Sales Navigator, there are so many other ways they can benefit from this tool, especially with recent updates and new features LinkedIn has rolled out.

In addition to providing you with greater visibility into your target audience- locally, regionally, or nationally- Sales Navigator also wants to help you be a more effective consultative salesperson.

Between the curated home feed, the highlights on individual profiles, and the insights on the company page, you can understand your future customers quicker than ever. This leads to more intentional conversations instead of stale, uninspiring pitch meetings. With access to your prospects becoming more challenging, strong sales teams need to maximize the data at their disposal..."

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