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A Guide to Social Media Marketing for B2B Executives
Business 2 Community, June 2nd , 2021
With almost 4 billion people on social media, the audience scale and exchange of information on this digital medium provides an enormous opportunity for leaders and organizations

"B2C organizations and leaders were the first to adopt social media extensively, but B2B players have increasingly entered the arena over the last several years. As B2B organizations navigate how to create and refine their social media marketing strategy, it's also important for B2B executives and leaders to be included in the mix.

Many buying processes start with research and social media plays a big part in the beginning stages of the buyer's journey. In fact, 81% of buyers are more likely to engage with brands that are active on social media channels..."

Social media continues to be a part of consumers' everyday lives

"The latest statistics show there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021-a five percent increase from a year ago. Furthermore, there are more than nine in ten (91 percent) social media users who use mobile devices to access social networks. (Oberlo)

According to Influencer Marketing Hub , an average of 2 million people sign up to social networks every day. Facebook continues to dominate the social media space, with 2.7 billion users. This is followed by YouTube and WhatsApp, each at 2 billion users..."

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