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The 'Secrets' of Sales
Business 2 Community, June 4th , 2021
Recently, I was approached to talk about The Secrets Of Sales. When asked, it caused me to pause. On reflection, I realized, there are no secrets of sales

"We already know all of them, the problem is we don't execute them. Somehow, I think people look for short cuts, or they want to find the 'Easy' button. They think there is something or that some 'guru' has a trick/technique that changes everything to selling.

But there are no secrets to sales. We know what it takes to succeed, we just have to do those things-and possibly that's the problem. Selling is hard work and to be successful, we have to do the work. Perhaps the quest for a secret is because we aren't committed to doing the work..."

The Law of Averages Does Not Apply to Complex B2B Sales
Business 2 Community, June 3rd , 2021
Soon after 'The Challenger Sale' was published, you could see a stream of lazy commentators homing in on one percentage prominently quoted in the book - that the average B2B buying decision process was '57% complete' before the customer wanted to talk to a salesperson - and using it to justify their position on a bunch of unrelated issues.

"Similar figures have been published by other researchers, and to the same effect: to paraphrase Andrew Lang, the commentators who thoughtlessly requote these statistics are guilty of using them like drunk people use lampposts - to support their own positions rather than offering illumination to others.

The inconvenient fact, of course, is that there is no such thing as an 'average B2B buying journey', particularly where a complicated and significant decision is involved. Every opportunity is different. Some opportunities involve salespeople early and others involve them late or never at all..."

No matter what you're selling, it's not going to be an easy process, and it doesn't matter whether the price is low or high

"In fact, these days even if you're giving something away for free you'll get a hard time selling it. People just hate marketers these days and they hate to be sold on anything, even if they actually need that product or service you'll still face resistance from customers or distributors. This is the reason why sales reps lose drive when it comes to selling their products. It's not easy to deal with bad days when you hardly close any sale, in most cases, you'll even find it difficult to get the attention to speak with the prospect and this is discouraging to most sales reps on the field..."

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