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IT - Email
Does Email Security Need A Human Solution Or A Tech Solution?
People spend a lot of time using email systems, but many do not realise that this makes them attractive targets for cyber criminals. With education and technology, businesses can tackle this problem head-on
"Malicious emails are an increasing challenge faced by organisations all over the world. According to research from US telecoms giant Verizon, email was the primary delivery method for 94% of malware in 2019, while statistics from UK-based software firm Egress found that 83% of organisations have been affected by email data breaches.

As email security threats continue to grow, it is clear that businesses must take urgent action against this problem. But how can they do this, exactly? With human error causing 24% of email data breaches, some experts argue that the best way to tackle email security challenges is through user awareness training and personal responsibility..."

ComputerWeekly, March 12th, 2021
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Email Signature Templates: How To Create A Professional Email Sign-Off
Using an email signature template can help create a professional sign-off for your company's brand
"Creating an email signature template may seem like a headache best left with your IT department or your company's technical wizard, but failing to pay adequate attention to this task could mean you miss a valuable marketing opportunity.

For many customers, an email exchange will be the first interaction they have with your company. Although finding a reputable email service may be your top priority, you'll still need to pay careful attention to the design of your email signature..."

ITProPortal, March 10th, 2021
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What Is Secure Email, And Should You Switch?
Email was invented in 1971 and has changed very little since then. In that time, it's managed to become a major security risk to individuals, governments, and private companies around the world
"Secure email is essentially regular email with a few security enhancements on top. The technology behind the scenes is ultimately the same, which means that you already know how to use a secure email provider. You still send messages to named addresses with an @ and a domain, and you still get plenty of spam.

For that reason, anyone can call themselves a secure email provider. There's no dictionary definition, and most major email providers like Gmail and Outlook would also consider themselves 'secure' despite falling short of the mark..."

How-To Geek, March 11th, 2021
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IT - Marketing
The World Is Going Virtual: How To Level Up Your Business Strategy
You have a passion for succeeding. You're always looking for ways to take your business to the next level of success
"And you're smart enough to realize that these days, taking your business to the next level means expanding your share of the digital marketplace.

Leveling up in the virtual business world means combining new marketing and sales strategies, as well as new technologies, with realistic goals and a desire to succeed.

Establishing Your Goals

The first step is to develop realistic goals and create a plan to achieve them. This includes taking into account all the resources that will be necessary to achieve your goals. It also means establishing the metrics to track and determine your progress..."

Business 2 Community, March 11th, 2021
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IT - Sales
3 Steps To Close The Sale (Every Time!)
Are you successful at closing the sale every time?
"If you are, you're either a superstar or possibly undervaluing whatever it is you sell.

For the sales professionals I coach, it would seem that the average closing rate is around 75%, depending on the industry.

The question is, how can we increase our closing rate?

Sure, it may be impossible to close every deal, but if we can increase our closing rate even marginally, it can have a dramatic effect.

This was the task in front of many sales professionals pre-pandemic.

But then everything changed..."

Business 2 Community, March 9th, 2021
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8 Leader-Recommended Digital Platforms To Generate Paid Leads
Taking advantage of digital platforms is a major part of lead generation in today's online world
"But with the sheer size of the internet and so many places potential customers can be, it's important for marketers to narrow down their strategies. Below are a few platforms you might consider starting with to generate paid leads for your business.

What's one digital platform you've had the most success generating paid leads with, and what about it has been so helpful?..."

Business 2 Community, March 10th, 2021
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How Do We Win?
Participating in deal reviews, I often ask the question, 'How do we win?'
The answers are always similar:

  • 'We have to show how our product/technology/solution is better than the competition.'
  • 'We have to meet or beat the competitors' prices'
  • 'We have to build support across the organization showing them how our solution is the best.'
  • 'We have to sweeten the deal in some way.'
  • 'We have to get in front of the key decisionmakers and show how we are the best solution.'
  • 'We have to leverage our references, telling the customer how great we are.'
  • 'We have to get our top execs calling on the top execs at the customer

Usually, the answers focus on us, our product, and our company. They seldom focus on the customer-and how we help the customer

Business 2 Community, March 10th, 2021
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How To Generate Leads Through Social Media
Social media is THE place to be if you want to build an organic brand presence
"By posting great content consistently, you can speak to your audience in a way that promotions cannot. But, pretty soon, you want to start to convert these followers into customers. So, how can you generate leads through social media?..."
Business 2 Community, March 11th, 2021
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If You Want To Succeed: Go Slow To Go Fast
To succeed in business, it's important to figure out where you're going before stepping on the accelerator
"A few years back, I was in an advanced driving class when the instructor brought up the concept of going slow to go fast - which is anything but obvious. In high-speed driving, what he meant was you need to enter the corner more slowly than you think to properly set up for the exit, which results in a higher average speed.

Several decades earlier, in a competitive analysis class, the professor argued you need to initially go slow to make sure you have a solid plan before executing. Over the years, I've found that his premise - most people move to execution too quickly - is correct. Put in simple terms, think of a race; if you start running before you determine where the finish line is, you'll likely be running in the wrong direction, and the faster you go, the farther behind you'll be..."

ComputerWorld, March 12th, 2021
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The Secrets Of Sales Innovators [Podcast]
I recently had the pleasure of speaking at length with Jan Ropponen, author of 'Secrets of Sales Innovators - how World-Class sellers win Million-Dollar deals'.
"Jan's book is the distillation of an extensive series of interviews with highly successful B2B salespeople - the sort of people whose disciplined approach to selling enables them to make President's Club every year, through both good years and bad.

The lessons encapsulated in Jan's book are highly relevant to every B2B salesperson who has the ambition to do even better and is open to learning from their peers - and should be required reading for every B2B sales organisation..."

Business 2 Community, March 8th, 2021
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The Three C's Of Optimizing CRM Data
Optimizing your CRM data requires making sure your data is crucial, correct, and consistent -- or what I like to call, "the three C's"
"Unfortunately, far too many companies have data that's neither correct nor consistent. In fact, IBM reports that one in three business leaders don't trust the quality of their data, and U.S. companies lose an estimated $3.1 trillion in annual revenue due to bad data.

Here's how you can give your company a true advantage -- and empower everyone who relies on your CRM's data -- by making sure that data is crucial, correct, and consistent..."

CRMBuyer, March 12th, 2021
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SF IT vBeers Broward
vBeers South Florida - Weekly Virtual Meetups via Zoom March 17th 2021
Online - Zoom
vBeers meetups are informal networking events for South Florida Tech professionals.

In-person vBeers are suspended until the COVID-19 thread is diminished and public gathering are again allowed. I will host a Virtual vBeers every Wednesday until in-person events resume.

After the intros, the rest of meeting will be an informal hangout!

Please join the live meeting at 6:00PM EST with this Zoom link:

You can also join by phone:

  • Meeting ID: 792 850 274
  • 646 558 8656 US
  • +16465588656,,792850274# US (New York)

vBeers@Boca is sponsored by TechLauderdale:

  • "TechLauderdale promotes the growth, connectivity, and awareness of the thriving technology ecosystem in Greater Fort Lauderdale"

Hosted by John J. McLaughlin

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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PeopleTek News
Are You Still Learning?
Work harder on yourself than you do on your job - Jim Rohn, Author, motivational speaker
"Hopefully as a leader you are committed to being a continual learner. You've grown over the years and are in a leadership role but what does that mean? There are numerous ways to define Leadership. Part of what PeopleTek promotes is:

We believe everyone is a leader, regardless of title or reporting structures since we all have the ability to INFLUENCE others.

Strong and effective Leaders take others where they've never gone before and wouldn't go by themselves.

And, we also believe effective leaders are continual learners.

Author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn shares the need to commit to self-development and identifies 7 'must have' leadership traits:..."

PeopleTek News, March 8th, 2021
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Sponsor - TechLauderdale
TechLauderdale's ITPalooza 3D Sponsorships
South Florida's most exciting tech event & expo is going virtual. But this is no boring Zoom event. Our highly interactive virtual 3D platform will make you feel like you are at a real event.
Exhibitors & Sponsors

Follow this link to register for one of our Demo Sessions which showcases the exciting new platform for this year's event. Learn about your opportunities to exhibit and sponsor at ITPalooza 3D.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dan Cane, CEO, Modernizing Medicine
  • Ron Antevy, CEO, e-Builder
  • John Duffy, Founder, 3CInteractive

Special Guests:

  • Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez
  • Mayor Steve Geller
  • Mayor Dean Trantalis
  • Mayor Scott Singer
  • Vice Mayor Michael Udine


  • Building Talent & Culture
  • Cloud, AI & ML
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Transformation
  • Driving Innovation
  • Software Development

Buy a ticket

March 24th and 25th, 2021
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Promoting the Growth, Connectivity, and Awareness of the Thriving technology ecosystem in Greater Fort Lauderdale
Become a Member of the Ecosystem, Join TechLauderdale Today
Membership benefits for TechLauderdale were designed to provide individuals and organizations with the choice on how to best utilize member benefits, with a great deal of flexibility and exclusivity. Key benefits of this structure include new ways for members to support the Greater Fort Lauderdale tech ecosystem, while at the same time taking advantage of ongoing tech education and training, exclusive networking and learning opportunities, and making valuable connections.

Corporate Membership Levels

  • Bronze - $500 (1 to 3 Employees)
  • Silver - $1,500 - (4 to 25 Employees)
  • Gold - $2,500 - (25 to 50 Employees)
  • Platinum - $3,500 - (over 50 Employees)

Individual Memberships

  • Individual - $100/year or $10/month

TechLauderdale has recently updated its membership levels with increased benefits for each level to better align the value we have to offer with the mission of the organization and our value pillars of: Learn, Connect, and Grow. Read the full membership letter here that explains the changes to the program in greater detail.

Sponsor - SIM
Connects the Area's Premier IT leaders - for Business Solution Exchange, Professional Development, and Timely Education
Joining SIM connects you with top IT leaders in the industry, including: CIOs, senior IT executives, prominent academicians, consultants, and other top IT professionals
The Chapter strives to strengthen professional communications among members who direct the application of information technology in private and public organizations. Chapter activities include:

  • Meeting to share innovative ideas and real-world experiences which address enterprise information needs. We have excellent speakers from our membership and bring in industry executives or subject matter experts from many sources.
  • Providing presentations by leading national information-management professionals and executives who benefit from management-information systems.
  • Challenging our comfort levels by exchanging ideas with peers and business counterparts.
  • Being a resource for each other, and personal networking.

The geographical scope of the South Florida Chapter is Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. Subscribe to receive emails from the chapter to get notified of all relevant events in the area. If you are already subscribed, you will be sent a link to update your preferences.

Society for Information Management (SIM) - South Florida Chapter
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Sponsor - ISACA
ISACA South Florida Chapter
A diverse group of innovative thought leaders partnering with the community to serve as the first choice for professional development and a global role model for ISACA Chapters by 2024

  • ISACA South Florida Chapter outreach to more than 1,000 professionals, and partner organizations which represent a range of Corporate IT Audit, IT Compliance, IT Governance & IT Security responsibilities in a cross section of industries and business sizes
  • Extensive networking opportunities, face-to-face contact and one-on-one meetings
  • Display of your latest products and services to all attendees
  • Traffic flow throughout the exhibition area
  • Display of your logo and link to your home page on our ISACA South Florida Chapter web site

Find out more! Contact us at

Corporate IT Audit, IT Compliance, IT Governance & IT Security Professionals
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Sponsor - ISSA
Not-for-profit Organization of Information Security Professionals and Practitioners
The ISSA South Florida Chapter (SFISSA) is a not-for-profit organization of information security professionals and practitioners
ISSA provides educational forums and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of its members. Members include practitioners at all levels of the security field in a broad range of industries, such as communications, education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial and government. SFISSA is an excellent vehicle for those who need to acquire CPE credits for certification needs. We need your support, so we hope that you will consider becoming a sponsor to support our chapter.

Sponsorship Options: Chapter sponsorship

Platinum sponsors $1,500/meeting benefits include:

  • Non-marketing presentation at one SFISSA meeting (including attendee/sign-in list)
  • Higher priority in speaker selection for SFISSA Annual Conference
  • Logo signage displayed at meetings*
  • Logo, name and company URL on SFISSA website for event
  • Materials distributed at SFISSA meetings*
  • 5 minute presentation at 1 SFISSA meetings per year

Program sponsors $1,000/meeting benefits include:

  • Non-marketing presentation at one SFISSA meeting
  • Logo signage displayed at meetings*
  • Logo, name and company URL on SFISSA website for event
  • Materials distributed at SFISSA meetings*
  • 5 minute presentation at 1 SFISSA meetings per year

Conference sponsorship opportunities coming soon.

South Florida Chapter of the ISSA
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Sponsor - Refresh Miami
Educate, Inspire, Connect and Grow South Florida's Tech and Startup Ecosystem
Be front and center at all our monthly speaker events, get training on the latest technologies, break bread with our distinguished speakers, and find qualified candidates via our sponsored job listings
Be front and center at all our monthly speaker events, get training on the latest technologies, break bread with our distinguished speakers, and find qualified candidates via our sponsored job listings.

Refresh Corporate: $2000/Year

  • Guaranteed ticket to all speaker events
  • Complimentary ticket to three (3) Refresh Miami workshops ($150 value!)
  • 40% discount on all other Refresh Miami workshops ($160 value!)
  • Preferred Access to VIP/Speaker Dinners
  • Discounts on Community Events
  • Partner Discounts
  • Refresh Miami T-Shirt
  • Ability to post relevant events to Community Calendar
  • Ability to post jobs to Refresh Job Board
  • Ability to post business to Refresh Miami Tech Map


Sponsor - Palm Beach Tech
A Nonprofit Membership Association Building the Palm Beaches into a Tech Hub
Check our Membership options and help build the Palm Beaches into a Tech Hub!
Our Memberships are based on Exposure, Talent, & Business

  • STARTUP - $500/year
  • Tier 3 - $1,000/year
  • Tier 2 - $2,500/year
  • Tier 1 - $5,000/year

Palm Beach Tech is a nonprofit membership association Building the Palm Beaches into a Tech Hub.

Tech Hub South Florida
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Sponsor - SFHIMA
Create and Encourage an Environment Conducive to Promoting HIM Practices and Emerging HIM Occupations
We are the SMEs in health information! So whether you are a student, a recent graduate, seasoned professional or profession partner, your local chapter is here for you.
South Florida Health Information Management Association.

The theme from FHIMA for this year is 'Smooth Sailing Ahead'.

SFHIMA is ready to set sail with more great informational sessions, networking and continuing education opportunities. Sessions this year will be offered in person and via remote web connections.

South Florida Health Information Management Association (SFHIMA)
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Sponsor - PMI
Advance the PM Profession Through the Promotion of PMI Certification Training
To be a conduit of innovation, networking and support for the next evolution of Project Managers through strategic focus, customer centricity and operation agility

  • Advance the PM profession through the promotion of PMI certification training and project excellence acknowledgement.

  • Provide members and volunteers with networking, leadership roles and superior development and education events and activities,

  • Ensure alignment with PMIs talent triangle, compliance with PMIs core values and contribution to the improvement of the PM body of knowledge.

We are only one of over 270 Chapters serving Project Management Institute (PMI) members and communities in more than 70 countries around the world. These local communities help spread awareness of the profession and PMI by reaching out to local governments and organizations, hosting events or seminars for local practitioners and providing opportunities to learn, network and earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward maintaining credentials.

PMI South Florida Chapter
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Sponsor - IIBA
Premier World-Wide Professional Association for Business Analysts
We are the local representative of the International Institution of Business Analysis (IIBA), the premier world-wide professional association for business analyst
Sponsorships are available.

The objectives of the Chapter are to:

  • Promote and advance the profession of Business Analysis
  • Provide opportunities to our members to gain knowledge and network with experienced professionals across various industries and government agencies
  • Provide access for members to a formal "knowledge base" as well as forums for sharing expertise, expressing professional opinions and building a reputation within the industry
  • Provide pathways to learn about business analysis best practices
  • Create corporate support for the IIBA within the local market by superior marketing/awareness programs that demonstrate the value of business analysis and the IIBA
  • Liaise with industry and association partners to increase awareness and benefit of IIBA Chapter members
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for our members to become Business Analysis certified professionals

As our events calendar and past events reflect, we have a mix of day time symposiums for professional development, after work meetings focused on a topic of particular concern to business analysts, and online meetings and webinars to develop your technical skills and analytical competencies, as well as one to two premiere dinner events per year with at least one distinguished guest speaker.

International Institution of Business Analysis (IIBA), March 12th, 2020
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