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3 Roadblocks To Overcome To Get Better At Sales
Business 2 Community, February 4th, 2020
'No thanks, I'm not really good at sales. I don't like it.'

"This is what a friend told me after I proposed a business opportunity to her. Mind you, this friend clearly stated that she was interested in going into business for herself or starting a venture on the side of her main job. I instantly felt bad for this person after hearing the response.

It wasn't because she rejected my proposal. It's due to the fact that she lacked any understanding of the connection between sales and having a small business or even a side hustle..."

How To Hit The Ground Running With Your 2020 Sales Goals
Business 2 Community, February 4th, 2020
The New Year of 2020 is well underway, but it's not too late to get an early start on your 2020 sales goals

"If you're trying to hit some big numbers this year, January and February are pivotal months to make your sales operation more efficient and maximize your sales potential for the long term.

Here are a few key strategies to get a fast start on your 2020 sales goals.

Redefine Your Target Market and Ideal Customer

Do you really know who your ideal customer is? Have you been trying to sell to too broad or poorly defined of a market? The start of the year (or the first few months of the year) are a great occasion to refocus and redefine your marketing strategy. Is your solution a better fit with a particular industry or size of company? Instead of trying to sell only to C-level executives, could you have more success reaching out to lower-ranking managers who are closer to the lines of business and who need to use your product or service in their everyday work?..."

How To Win More Business From Your Existing Clients
Business 2 Community, February 4th, 2020
Want to win more business from your existing clients?

"This article shares some strategies to keep clients happy and get more business from them.

In late 2015, Nestle was looking for a new agency partner for a number of its brands, including the iconic Nescafe. After months of searching, the company settled on Ogilvy & Mather.

While Ogilvy's creative brilliance certainly helped, what helped tilt the deal in its favor was familiarity.

Ogilvy had won Nestle's Nesquik brand away from McCann in 2012. Another agency might have been an unknown quantity to Nestle, but Ogilvy was familiar and liked.

This is a common theme in the agency business. Land a client, earn their trust, then grab an ever-larger portion of their business..."

Make More Sales Faster With Lead Scoring
Business 2 Community, February 5th, 2020
Hitting your sales quota every month means knowing how to work smarter, not harder

"Oftentimes, this means knowing which leads to chase first. Sales reps who have mastered this skill typically use lead scoring to guide their actions.

Usually calculated on a numeric scale, lead scoring helps reps identify people who are most likely to buy their product or service and weed out those who are least likely. It makes you wonder why everyone isn't scoring their leads, right?

Like most sales wizardry, lead scoring is a blend of instinct and data. But the better your data, the more accurate your scores. And the more accurate your scores, the smarter you can work..."

Understanding Customer Pain Points
Business 2 Community, February 7th, 2020
We have great first meetings. We understand the customer pain points, we talk about how our solution can help them... But after the first meeting, they go dark

"This morning, I had a conversation with an entrepreneur. He was building the sales capability, scaling the growth of the company. He discussed a problem I hear from too many sales people:

'We have great first meetings. We understand the customer pain points, we talk about how our solution can help them.. But after the first meeting, they go dark. When we finally get them to respond, they've shifted their focus to the latest crisis... How do we keep them focused on the issues we discussed?'

It's a common problem. Sales people have great first meetings, but they lose momentum. The customer's attention gets diverted, they move on to the next thing, their priorities shift. Often, sales people have to start all over, establishing pain.., but the cycle repeats itself..."

What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do You Need One?
Business 2 Community, February 8th, 2020
Make no mistake; a sales funnel is not a marketing funnel

"Most marketers and online business owners use the terms 'marketing funnel' and 'sales funnel' interchangeably. In fact, head over to Google Images now, enter both terms, and you will find similar results trying to convince you that both are the same.

Here are the results of a 'sales funnel' search in Google Images:..."

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